Stunning handmade clay stoves by Kolozsi Attila

A good artist must be also a good craftsman with a creative imagination.

All these clay stoves can be modeled as a real furniture. Hence their beauty that can be integrated seamlessly into existing housing, regardless of the style of interior design.
The German workshop where you can find him is called Inderwies Keramik (Germany). Kolozsi Attila is specialized in works with clay since 1987.

I love Attila’s work. I hope you too. Enjoy it!

keramik-7 Inderwies Keramik1   Home-Hintergrund1Home-Hintergrund3 Inderwies Keramik2 Inderwies Keramik3 Inderwies Keramik4   Inderwies Keramikkeramik-4Inderwies Keramik5 Keramik7 Keramik8Inderwies Keramik6 Keramik-2 Keramik_8 keramik-11



Keramik_2 Keramik_03 Keramik_3


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