The Basarab Overpass – Bucharest, Romania

The Basarab Overpass (Romanian: Pasajul Basarab) is a road overpass in Bucharest, Romania, connecting Nicolae Titulescu blvd. and Grozǎveşti Road, part of Bucharest’s inner city ring. The construction was undertaken by FCC and Astaldi.

On 17 June 2011, the overpass was officially inaugurated, and was opened to traffic on 19 June. The project has been completed in August 2011, when ramps and elevators for the tram stations were installed.

The bridge now accommodates the number 1 tram line, the only circular tram line in Bucharest that follows the inner traffic circle of the city.

Grozavesti Bridge, Bucharest

The Basarb Overpass in numbers

The Basarab Overpass has a length of 1,9 km and is the widest cable stayed bridge in Europe, measuring a width of 44,5 meters (tram station, safety areas and two lanes for traffic in each direction) over the railways near the Gara de Nord train station (the average width measures almost 25 meters).

The two towers that sustain the 60 cables of the bridge have a height of about 84 meters.

The overpass that has been opened in June 2011 cost almost 255 million euros, even if initially the cost was estimated at around 60 million euros.

Everyday, almost 50.000 vehicles transit the bridge.

Pod-Basarabstock-footage-night-traffic-on-basarab-bridge-bucharest-romania Basarab Bridge lights Basarab bridge in the night, Bucharest, Romania Basarab Overpass basarab_bridge_by_nicubunu basarab-bridge-and-north-railroad-station-at-dusk-in-bucharest-romania1-1600x1062 Basarba bridge jamm stock-footage-cars-on-the-basarab-bridge-at-night


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