The Dream home by Steven Areen, Thailand

On an organic mango farm, far into the countryside of northeastern Thailand, Steve has built a little dream dome home. He did it in a few weeks.

The house cost about $ 9,000, he didn’t need a construction permit and utilities (water, power, gas) are autonomous. Enjoy! I love it!

All done!  ...Yeah, right!  HaHa! dome22 111206-219 111206-248 111206-251 111211-298 I used local pottery to make my bathroom sink. Steve's bamboo waterfall  faucet! Entering the bathroom dome Steve's bathroom door.  I love crafty projects! 120301-071 Steve's jungle bathroom!!  The round stone work in the center is my shower. 120319-131 120319-161 120319-185 120319-192 120320-013 120320-045 120320-066 My sister Leslie, enjoying the view in the hammock chair. Looking down onto my bathroom dome. 120320-087 120320-089 120320-098 120320-111 Looking into the bedroom dome. Making shelves is a bit more challenging for dome walls, but sure looks nice! Heres my transport while staying on the farm. Goodnight dome home Wacky water creature. Adding lotus to my pond can be refreshing! View from my shower. 130227-218 My comfy couch, when on it's side or guest bed when laid flat. I love my round window seats! dome2 dome4 dome5 dome6 dome8 dome19 dome21


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