Sölvesborgsbron or Sölvesborg Bridge – Europe’s Longest Pedestrian Bridge

Sölvesborgsbron, or Sölvesborg Bridge - SwedenLocated in Sweden, the bridge (over 2,480 feet) connects the small town of Sölvesborg with a new modern housing district across the bay. Wanting to further enhance the already impressive design, Swedish design firm Ljusarkitektur in collaboration with lighting company Lumenpulse has just finished outfitting the entire structure with a system of color changing LED fixtures.


Mounted on the outside of the structure, each module works to highlight the bridge’s suspension cables and three iconic arches that together took over 150 tons of steel to make. To dampen the direct brightness from the lights, deep glare shields were constructed by the firm that aid in lessening glare, but also help to hide the source of the light. Different color sequences have even been programmed into the LEDs so that their colors change with with the progressing year. The overall effect, especially when seen in tandem with the reflection of the water, is an absolutely stunning display that perfectly accentuates the bridge’s unique design.

ljusarkitekturslvesborgbridge4 ljusarkitekturslvesborgbridge3


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