Bespoke aluminium, bifold doors and windows

Euro Aluminium Ltd UK – a specialized firm in high quality aluminum sliding doors (bi fold and patio doors) and windows at a very competitive price.

The aim of the team has always been to provide an efficient and fast response for their customers.

Be an opener of doors
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bi-fold doors leading into patio from the living room bi folding doors1 bifold doors31 sliding_doors sliding-folding-doors-14 bifold doors02 mini-Wide open six section aluminium bi-folding doors Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors Aluminium-Bi-fold-2 aluminium-bifold bi folding doors2 bi folding doors06 BiFold014 bifold doors08 bifold doors012 bifold doors12 bifold doors21 Bifold doors22 Bi-fold_07 bifoldbeauty bifold-doors09 Bi-fold-doors2 bi-fold-doors8 bi-fold-doors41 Bifold-image bifolding doors11 bifolding doors Bi-folding doors bifolding-doors mini-grey aluminium conservatory with bi-folding doors


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