Soleta House – zero energy

With modern, ecological, elegant and friendly environment, Soleta house represents the Premium wood house for everyone who loves comfort and functionality of a home, protecting the nature. It has a magic design, with big windows that allow sun to come in and feel like HOME.

The concept Soleta zeroEnergy is a romanian creation and the one which represents The Foundation for Inventions and Sustainable Technologies is Justin Capra.

In order to introduce you to this revolutionary concept, they built Soleta zeroEnergy,  One prototype which can be visited any time between 9 am and 18 pm in Bucharest, Romania, 42 – 44 Bucharest – Ploiesti Street, sector 1 (current 1th Alexandru Nasta street), near US embassy.

Casa Soleta - eco house Bucharest night-view-self-sustainable-house Zero-Energy-Modular-Home-Concept-by-Soleta-ZeroEnergy-One5 Casa  Soleta Soleta 8 Soleta Soleta-ZeroEnergy-One-02


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