Blue windows with personality

“I need the shade of blue that rips your heart out.
You don’t see that type of blue around here.”
Cath Crowley


window-with-flowers-sharon-kalniz 306983 blue-mosque-window blue window 74 0777 52028_29837_6c8fa7ce39_p 518116228_2c0d4df305_o 1225731717_8380604b55 2055429244_8f428e4e46_z 5619928234_c651478888 191825265347855486Ts7DIz5Sc blue blue_window_w Blue-Christmas-lights-through-a-frosted-window bluewindow blue-window.quarter blue-window-and-flower-box-in-southwest-new-mexico-nms249 cat-blue-window flat,550x550,075,w frontdoor_glass_in_lead_window_by_Lou_in_Canada historic-town-guanajuato14 IMG_5062-10x8WEB luna la fereastra MX_RedChurchinBlueWindow_1116_sq page4-1017-full red_flowers_in_window_box_CB055399 sin-tc3adtulo-escaneado-02 tumblr_mb8t0isy3f1rfcvjbo1_500 turquoise-window-flowers-gallery_22013_600x450 Window with flower pots shaped like sailboats. Bar Harbor, Maine, USA Waterfalls_2 Window Box & Flowers1 (1 of 1) window_with_flowers_by_galois79-d4a2sqo window-flower-box-joanne-coyle


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