Nautilus House (organic architecture) designed by architect Javier Senosiain

Javier Senosiain is a Mexican architect celebrated as a key exponent and explorer of so-called organic architecture. The work some have likened to that of Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff, Paolo Soleri, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Buckminster Fuller, Antoni Gaudi and Rudolf Steiner. He is currently a professor of architecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


The Nautilus house is about as unique and creative as a home could be while incorporating sound architectural principles and innovative, Eco friendly and energy saving concepts. Javier  designed this home like the heart of a painter, finding the shapes instead of giving it shapes and releasing it from the outside, like the earth gave birth to it. Javier refers to his work as “Bio Architecture“, the idea that buildings based on the natural principles of organic forms creates harmony with nature.


Senosiain Architects are quoted as stating “The metaphor is to feel like an internal inhabitant of the snail, like a mollusk going from one chamber to another”. Products used in the construction are also mollusk like, and the house is designed to be hurricane resistant as well as to filter and withstand the elements. The heating and cooling system is also forward thinking and Eco friendly. Green Construction is apparently at the forefront of Javier’s conceptual process and becomes more and more apparent when discovering the details of this amazing home.

Nautilus I36

This is the most beautiful house I ever seen.

Location: Mexico City.

Owner: SACHIN TENDULKAR – the famous Indian cricket player


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