Cyber organisms by Pierre Matter

cyborg - pierre matter

“It took me a long time to realize that technology has invaded even the tiniest cracks of our existence. The way I blend cogs, pistons, integrated circuits and other accessories of the industrial world into beings, bodies or faces, my sculptures, directly follows from the way human life has evolved in recent times. Of course, we are only at the beginning of an era where the use of machines or micromachines embedded within living beings may well become widespread, but it is already the case that modern life is completely unthinkable without technology.


The blending of man with machine (cyborg, cyber organisms) seems already taken for granted. Until now, we have managed to evolve at the same rate as technological innovation: the rhythm of the 19th and 20th centuries was slow enough to allow man time to adapt. However, in the last few decades the acceleration of discovery became  exponential. Biomechanic, biotechnology,  hybridation, clone, roboters are  now banal and common concepts. Along with the advent of computers, networks and interconnection, it  has become very noticeable, and to such an extent that we feel more and more often out of our depth.


My artistic work fits into this disruptive era, when all the limits are constantly being called into question by technology and science. It’s a modest attempt to apprehend by means of concrete shapes the effects of the uncontrolled acceleration of change on our lives and our planet.”

Pierre Matterzen matter



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