The noblesse oblige – Horse statues

A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves
– strong, powerful, beautiful –
and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.
~Pam Brown ~

Antique Bronze Horse Sculpture

Benzara Tang Horse Statue with Elegance BRONZE WARRIOR VIKING Blackfeet Indian on Horse Sculpture Batman horse bronco-buster-f.-remington-bronze suncheon_horse_statue_by_kingcole Bronze-Warrior-Riding-War-Horse-Sculpture-Statue buckaroo-on-rearing-horse-roping-calf-bronze-sculpture-titled-little-stinker-kim-corpany centaur_1 centaur_study_1 centaur-v7 centsurcropped Cherokee – Vilem Zach Cheyenne Indian on Horse Sculpture China_Bronze_standing_horse Chinese Folk Pure Bronze Statue Kua Chinese-Silver-font-b-Warrior-b-font-God-Guan-Gong-Yu-On-Horse-Statue Chollima horse statue in Pyongyang cowboy Donkey-And-Boy-Planter-Garden-Statue-Ornament Dragon Knight White Horse Ecuador Art Elite Decorative Art horse statue12 Horse Statue at Picadilly Circus horse-armor-samurai-warrior-sword-statue horse-carousel-ornament Idealization-of-War Indian Warrior Chief Statue Intricate Armor Red Warrior Knignight King Arthur of Camelot knight-on-horseback Long Pole Axe Medieval Templar Knight Man_Horse_Sculpture Marcel Home Decor Medieval Knight on Horse 1 Medieval Knight on Horse Medieval Sir Knight of Armor Medieval Templar Knight on Horse2 Medieval Templar Knight on Horse3 Medieval Templar Knight on Horse meijer gardens and shoes Native American Warrior Horse NORSE MYTHOLOGY norse_god_valkyrie_warrior_horse_spear_statue_4L Pegasus Pin Medieval Knight On Horse Polished Bronze Japanese Samurai Pure Power and Majesty Quarter Horse SAINT GEORGE KILLING THE DRAgon saint_george_slaying_dragon_horse Berlin saint_george_slaying_dragon_horse_statue samurai samurai-warrior-bow-arrow-archer-horse-bronze-figurine-re3A Saratoga horse fountain Silver Warrior Battle Ready Knight sioux-chief-bronze-statue-native-american


5 responses to “The noblesse oblige – Horse statues

    • @ Dung Nhat Vi

      These statues are from around the world, they are not belongs to me but for sure you can find some of them on the specialized websites.

  1. My bronze sculpture of a rearing horse and cowboy with a calf is featured on this post.
    I am flattered at my inclusion in this list.
    I would like to invite those interested in my bronze horses to visit my website.

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