Asian Art Deco

“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye,
it also includes the inner pictures of the soul”

Edvard Munch

Asian Antique Patina Emperor & Empress Elephant Tusk

YokohamaChinatown_CopperSculpture 1048_L_2 2892.1L 003773.1L 8565_samurai_sword_knife_bronze_metal_statue_3M 581648937_o Antique-old-Tibetan-Silver-grand-silver-lion-statue apr-19-2011_1153 Arrianhod with the wheel - goddess of changes & transformation Asia asian-rugs Body-Soul-Day-Spa2 brides cup sivler public domain Bronze statues over Midosuji Avenue places osaka Bucha Statues of Taw Waes carved-wood-lamp-handmade-traditional-korean-dragon-roof-and-window-design-art-deco-lantern-brown-asian-oriental-bedside-bedroom-accent-unusual-table-light-image-001 carved-wood-lamp-shade-with-three-story-pagoda-design-handmade-art-deco-lantern-brown-asian-oriental-bedside-bedroom-accent-unusual-table-light_17808_500 Casted Bronze Happy Buddha (Hotei) cm06b Colorful Standing Happy Buddha Statue Five-Pronged Gold Plated Dorje with Gemstones galerie_atena_artfinding_art_deco_asian_woman_bust_1214987536962 Ganondorf-Sculpture Garuda_asociat cu sarpele japan lady statue Japanese Okimono Elegant Female Form Japanese Samurai Riding And Lifting Japanese Statue of Liberty Japanese statue japo japon KY475_1 Little Geisha Sculputre Japanese Art Lovely-Chinese-Silver-abstract-Gold-Fish-Statue Lucky-Cat Mahakala Wall Hanging Mask Mystic Knot niou_masa Niouzou -Japanese old statue Pair of Antique Ivory Japanese Women Statues Pair of Mythicised Lions paire-vases-1n PD21_1 Polished Bronze Japanese Samurai Warrior QM25572_1 Samurai Statue Samurai Warrior Archer Japanese Statue Martial Samurai Warrior With Naginata Statue Japanese Silver robe Meditating Buddha Simbolurile in Reiki Stupa - Tibet symbol of happiness, luck, abundance Tao Vessuwan Bronze Statue thai.buddha.statue_1 The maneki-neko or beckoning cat is a good luck symbol in Japan. Tibetan Silver White Jambhala Buddha Ride Dragon statue Vintage cast porcelain Japanese Tanuki statue MATURE WU00015 xn01.jpgLord Buddha in Bhumisparsha Mudra (In Silver Hue)


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