Amazing universal Art Deco

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso

art deco Victorian Lace Parasol Umbrella Table Lamp

WU10131_1 800_1331814618 14809585 A FRENCH GILT BRONZE AND ENAMEL MINIATURE THREE-PANEL SCREEN Probably Limoges, France, circa 1890-1900 apotrope o ANTIQUE FRENCH CHAMPLEVE BRONZE CHAMBERSTICK antique Art Deco Greek Harpies Fairy Trio Table Top Torchiere Lamp art-deco-interior art-plural-ap bulldog_bash_10 calabarte-gourd-lamp-8 cindy-miller-hopkins-hand-painted-souvenir-plates-pisac-market-peru eiffel-tower-people-books-bokeh-miniature-writing-souvenirs Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi’s installation in New York called 'Discovering Columbus' KS2062_1 Masterworks by Viennese ceramicist Ernst Wahliss Mexican dolls (souvenirs), Xcaret Park (Eco-archaeological Theme park), Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico mmantshow05 mmantshow08 NG33400_1 ou1 Paire d'aiguières en bronze de style Renaissance Paire de chenets de la fin de l'époque Louis XVI. PD331_1 PeqMuseum Russian Dolls Russian-Souvenirs1 skelly with crystal ball Venetian mask Souvenirs Souvenirs_from_Toledo Staatliche Porzellan Manufaktur Meissen, Meissen, Germany Circa 1850-1924 MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA teacup TisseurDeToile Vintage Russian flocking toy


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