Grey interior design


  • Security
  • maturity
  • reliability
  • cool
  • conservative
  • composed
  • intelligence
  • staid
  • modesty
  • dignity
  • solid, practical
  • old age
  • sadness
  • boring

Grey is the combination of black and white and is the most neutral of all the shades. It is a conservative color and good for use as a background color.

Gray (also will take on qualities of its colored undertone) Neutral, Non-committal, cold sophisticated.

Grey can also signify psychologically gloominess, sadness, ghosts, ashes, cobwebs, and the dust of a haunted house and other scary things.

People who like Grey tend to be neutral about life. They like to protect themselves from the hectic world in a blanket of non-commitment preferring a secure, safe, balanced existence. They work hard and are the “middle of the road” type of individual.

They have often made compromises in their lifestyles. They are practical and calm and do not like to attract attention.

To dislike Grey is to dislike neutrality. These individuals look for a richer, happier and fuller lifestyle. This may lead them to get into one involvement, hobby, or interest after another in the pursuit of happiness.


beverly_hills_leather_sofa_1171_chair 341786-1280x1024 269517-1280x1024 wood-interior-design 103 190377 capsule-chair_large04 Chesterfield 03 classic-ultramodern-for-more-bedroom-designs garden-design-ideas Elftug-kusadasi-games-room-ideas-design Corner-Sofa grey1 grey-white-lounge-mezzanine-interior-design Maya_Grey_sofa new-modern-sofa-designs modest-room-with-gray-couch-and-green-garden-in-the-living Modern Zebrano Fabric Sectional Sofa retro-bedroom-furniture Sofas--leather-modern-furniture stunning-luxury-bedroom-design Tuek ultra modern sofa sectionals velvet couch1


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