Cultivate Qi for Body, Soul & Mind

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

“Because I need to live. While I’m alive, nothing is over. Just because today was good, my life isn’t over. Just because today was bad, my life isn’t over either. Good things and bad things… they all go away.”

Tak Gu

“What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
Knowledge is gained by gathering data, whereas,
Wisdom is earned by going through actual life experiences.”

Master Jin Kwon

“Do not cry.
Crying is like begging for help.
Just save your tears at the day of celebration…”

(Korean Quote)

Even if you love someone,
If they want to leave, let go of them.
If they leave and come back,
Accept them back into your heart.
If they don’t come back,
Just think that they never belonged to you,
Erase them from your memory and go on.

(Korean Quote)

If you take another man’s property, you become a thief. But if you take another man’s pain, you become a leader.”(Korean Quote)


If you can’t escape it, enjoy it.
It you can’t bounce it, crush it.
If you can’t stand up, crawl.
If you’re going to give up, don’t even start.
If you’re going to run away, run forward.
If it’s not yours, throw it away.
If you can’t have it, forget about it.
It you can’t forget it, make it yours.
If you can’t make it yours, learn to deal with it.

(Korean quote)


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